Welcome to Lifelong.Media

Lifelong.Media is a social enterprise dedicated to helping others achieve the fullest life possible. We enkindle a passion for lifelong learning in people of all ages through an exciting range of holistic learning collections. 

Lifelong.Media is a vanguard in the movement to replace fragmented teaching methods with visionary learning experiences that foster a true sense of community. 

We believe that to teach is to touch a life–forever.


A New Model of Learning

Our data-driven instructional model builds customized learning experiences based on each learner’s Personalized Development Path™. And, because we are constantly updating our learning collections, our content is always highly relevant and impactful.

With a range of instructional approaches and resources, we’re able to address the needs of a range of learning styles and abilities. No more one-size-fits-all. Whether it’s an interactive video, animated case-study, adaptive core content lesson, game-based virtual simulation, or one of our many social-learning resources, our learning collections provide multiple pathways to knowledge and understanding.

Guiding Principles

Everything we do is shaped by our guiding principles. They are the bedrock upon which Lifelong.Media was founded.

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We believe that learning never ends, and that learning how to learn develops meaningful progress towards lifelong independence. We demonstrate our commitment to lifelong learning through our learning collections that span from early childhood to professional development.



We believe in the importance of soft skills, and that by teaching soft skills we add significant value to learning. We demonstrate our commitment to soft skills by integrating them into every learning resource. We understand that educating the heart is just as important as educating the mind.



inclusive communities

We believe that learning is for everyone, and that by modeling inclusive learning communities, we encourage understanding and acceptance of people of all abilities. We demonstrate our commitment to inclusive communities by developing resources for all abilities, and ensuring full representation of people from across the spectrum of life.




We believe that real world settings provide authentic learning experiences, and that by developing context-based learning resources we build capacity, creativity, and critical analysis skills in learners of all ages. We demonstrate our commitment to context-based learning by setting our learning resources within real-life experiences.

Our Learning  Collections

Our team of educators, subject-matter experts, writers, editors and curators are hard at work with the wonderful process of bringing Lifelong.Media to reality. Here's a preview of our brands of learning collections.

A Learning Community of Nurses

Project Nightingale™ is a collective of students, nurses, and educators who have come together to prepare nursing students to begin their careers, provide currently practicing nurses with ANCC-accredited continuing education courses, and create a nursing community that fosters a sense of professional support, camaraderie, and recognition. Because Project Nightingale's™ content is created by nurses, for nurses, it's not only what nurses need, but also what they have long desired in a professional learning community. Click here for more information. 


Who Do You Want To Be?

What do you want to do when after you graduate? High school students are asked this question all the time. At Lifelong Media, we think the more important question is, “Who do you want to be?”

A Day In The Life™ is Lifelong Media’s original, crowd-sourced, and curated collection of learning resources that enable young adults to explore careers, participate in virtual internships, interact with experienced professionals, and develop the soft skills needed in tomorrow’s professional climate. For many high school students, A Day In The Life™ is their first step to becoming lifelong learners.


Meet Our Pals

The Polka Dot Project was created to teach compassion, love and understanding for children of all abilities, particularly those with special needs.

Our first animated series, Polka Dot Pals, explores the lives of five beloved characters—Belle, Marcus, Liu, Carmelo and Jordan. Each one of these characters has something unique about them, but they embrace each other’s differences by celebrating what makes them special. In the process, they develop empathy, kindness, and a caring attitude.


Not just smart. Thought Full.

There is more to learning than what can be measured on a standardized test. Thought Full Kids™ empowers youth with the knowledge and understanding that taking on civic responsibility, embracing diversity, and striving for social justice can secure not only their future, but the future of the communities in which they live.